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Saturday, 3 August 2019

The world's most expensive painting " MONA LISA"

 Some people in the world are like this who make their name through their wonderful work which gives them recognition in the world and forever become immortal.

And someone had said the truth the artist can die but not his art.

Friends, our story of today is a similar person a wonderful artwork which has been discussed for hundreds of years the painting that people have been talking for hundreds of years of course there will be something in it.

Friends, I'm talking about the painting of LEONARDO DA VINCI that is half length portrait panting. You must be surprised to know that it is the world's most expensive painting which is worth $ 700 million in today's time.

Friends, as I told you, this painting was made by leonardo da vinci born on 15 April 1452 in place of the Italian city vinci. by the way, he had make many paintings THE LAST SUPPER, SALVATOR MUNDI VITRUVIAN MAN, LADY WITH AN ERMINE but most of the painting named MONA LISA was famous.

Some people belive that the work of MONA LISA painting was stared in 1503.Which was ready after 3 years 1506 but same people say that work on this painting was started in 1513 and in 1519 when Leonardo died this word was not completed.And the woman who is in this painting is named LISA GHERARDINI who was the wife of a garments trader this painting was made by lisa husband in the joy of the arrival of her second child.which vinci make from oil paint on the popular panel the reason for this painting being the femous is its texturethe highlight of this painting is that it looks different from every angle .

The most important feature of this painting is its smile.In this photo, women who smile on their lip, but they have pain in their eyes people believed that their expression was due to their pregnancy there are too many disputes about this painting some people believe that vinci had made himself in this painting and some people say that they had made their mother in this painting this painting has some written in Italian language which means THE ANSWER IS HERE but today the meaning of this line is not understood or through this, what did vinchi want to say? After placing it in different places from the beginning after 1757 it was kept in the louvre museum although this painting was stolen from the Louvre museum on August 21, 1911.

The person who stole this painting was caught 2 years later when it was trying to sell painting and after getting it once again it was again put in the museum
In 1956, a man tried to harm it by throwing acids on this painting after which a bullet proof glass was applied for the protection of this painting.

In 2014 9.3 million peoples visited the louvre museum 80% of whom came to see the painting of MONA LISA

Hope you liked this information about MONA LISA, The world's most expensive painting.


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