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Monday, 5 August 2019

Stayin’ Alive? Kris Begs Daughters To Help Save Rob’s ‘Halfway Dead’ Clothing Line

Rob Kardashian‘s Halfway Dead clothing line might be staying alive after all!

After suffering a near disaster following the company’s launch last month when Rob, 32, and his business partners were accused of ripping off their former signature skull logo from another brand called Rx Skulls, has exclusively learned that momager Kris Jenner and her famous daughters jumped in to save the day!

As fans know, Rob’s sister Kylie Jenner helped launch Halfway Dead on June 7, when she posted a photo of herself wearing one of the company’s signature t-shirts on Instagram, along with a caption that linked to the website.

But after being accused of stealing the skull logo from Rx Skulls, Halfway Dead quickly removed all of the skull-labeled merchandise off of their website, issuing a statement on Instagram that read: “I hate to even have to explain ourselves but we traced this skull above. We showed this to the artist who accused us of stealing his art and after seeing where we got it from he deleted his post about it. We both moved on and out of respect of the art being similar to his we are not releasing this graphic. We at HWD are artists who have been in the industry for over a decade and wouldn’t purposely copy anyone else’s original art.”

Although Rob and his business partners at Halfway Dead were able to avoid any legal drama, the situation seemed to have wrecked sales, a source close to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians clan told Radar.

“Kris knew that the only way to save Halfway Dead was by asking her daughters to promote the s**t out of it and it really took no convincing at all,” the source said, adding, “None of Rob’s sisters wanted to see his new clothing line fail.”

“They all want nothing more than for their brother to be financially independent and Kris really felt that another loss could have sent Rob over the edge.”

The 63-year-old matriarch’s plan worked! On Thursday, August 1, Kim shared a sexy photo with her 145 million followers on Instagram, wearing a Halfway Dead t-shirt, a pair of sneakers — and nothing else!

Kim, 38, captioned the photo, “” and, within minutes, the shirt that Kim was wearing, as well as many other items, sold out on the company’s website.

“No one can push merchandise like Kim can and Rob is obviously super grateful,” the insider added.

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