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Sunday, 14 April 2019

Dina Lohan Dumped By Online Boyfriend After She ‘Became Unglued’

Dina Lohan‘s online boyfriend Jesse Nadler dumped her due to jealousy issues, he claimed to RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview.

Lindsay Lohan’s mother, who recently starred on Celebrity Big Brother, confided on the reality show that she’d been in a long Facebook relationship with Jesse.

Then he vowed to Radar that he’d marry Dina, 56, even though they’d never met in person!

“I know it’s crazy….But we have amazing chemistry. We get on the phone and talk about everything under the moon,” Jesse said just weeks ago.

But now, he’s broken up with the celebrity mom.

Jesse explained to Radar that when he was promoting a male friend’s book on Facebook, Dina assumed “it was a lady author. And my friend’s name is clearly on the cover of the book.

“She went nuts and said I was promoting a female’s book. It was so stupid.”

Jesse said, “After six hours of back and forth she realized she was wrong. But she wouldn’t apologize to me. I said I was wrong and she owed me an apology. She got snarky, short and not nice, even though she knew she was wrong. That’s uncool. I can’t have that in a relationship. No way.

“And I broke it off with her.”

Dina has gone through troubled times lately. RadarOnline.com recently reported that a judge dismissed her bankruptcy case, meaning she is not subject to any relief.

Dina had filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy in September 2018. In the shocking documents, she claimed to be more than $1 million in debt.

The money she earned from Celebrity Big Brother no doubt was badly needed, and she seemed thrilled with Jesse as well.

But the stage mom, who battled with Lindsay’s dad, her ex-husband Michael, couldn’t make it work.

Jesse told Radar, “I’m a very straight kind of guy—if I mess up, I would crawl on broken glass to apologize. Dina didn’t even say she was wrong….I can’t be with someone like that.

“She became unglued. All she had to do was own it. Dina is a little jealous, but it was crazy.”

Jesse added, “I don’t know what Dina wants. I’m pretty cold to her now until I get an apology. I stand behind my convictions and moral code and how to treat people.

“She is very headstrong and bull-headed.”

Jesse said he’d had plans to fly Dina out this week for a romantic time in San Francisco, Carmel and Pebble Beach, and even had bought her jewelry and gifts for the first meet up.

However, now he’s ended the relationship.

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